Our service

Recruitment Agency

Recruitment Agency service is a recruitment service in the form of full-time employees. The service fee will not incur during interviewing job applicants. Enables clients to select applicants until they meet with a suitable candidate for your organization.

Outsource Service

Outsource Service is a service of personnel with expertise in a specific area. Which is not a regular employee It will be a monthly contract or a project. This means that Outsource employees are not employees of the company. They will be hired to work as assigned for the period specified in the employment contract only. This is an advantage for both the Company and Outsource as well as the Company and Outsource employees can know the scope of working time. And his own responsibility It will help in planning the resource or resources more easily.

Platform HR & Time Attendant

MetroPay is an innovative, intelligent best human resource management platform. Developed to meet the needs of all types of business users. Easy to use, fast processing. 100% accuracy helps you or your human resources department. It’s easier than ever to work. Whether it is to view information such as employee history, recording time in – out. And making payroll Can be done anywhere and anytime. This will help reduce time, reduce costs and employees can view pay slips via mobile phone. And facilitating the human resources department as well

Training & Development

In addition to our staffing expertise, Metro Source Recruitment Company Limited offers development and training services in the form of In-house Training to provide training and development to your company and in the form of Public Training that will There are courses that are up to date in modern times. Can be applied for practical application To answer and solve development problems for all organizations

Team Building

Team Building is the cornerstone of corporate development. (Organizational Development) Metro Source Recruitment Co., Ltd. recognizes the importance of this, it provides Team Building services to support your organization’s sustainability.

There are four goals for creating a Team Building:

  1. Understand goals to match.
  2. Build relationships between people for good efficiency.
  3. Reduce any misunderstandings / inaccuracies.
  4. Together, find ways to solve problems together.